There are no diamond deposits on Mount Shara, no coalfields, no ore accumulation, shale, silicon, or oil resources… Its inhabitants live close to glistening mountaintops, next to pastures strewn with mountain flowers, amidst highland rivers, lakes, and springs of fresh mountain water. They bask in nature’s beauty. So, instead of waiting “until the last drop”, we have decided to found “Sharawatch”. Sharawatch aims to be an ecologically and socially feasible, locally and globally active society, garnering participation and cooperation from people wishing to preserve nature and the environment and to achieve a better quality of life. Sharawatch intends to achieve its goals through nonviolent direct actions, campaigns, information, and education… The core values of Sharawatch are:

  • voluntarism
  • professionalism
  • solidarity
  • consistency
  • diversity
  • perseverance
  • humor
  • cooperation and unity
  • affirmation of a responsible and caring attitude to nature and the environment
  • personal initiative
  • creativeness
  • quality of life
  • transparency
  • critical thought

With our work, we wish to help improve environment protection systems at the local, national, and global level by inspiring changes through campaigns, nonviolent direct actions, projects, participation in public decision-making, etc. Sharawatch will achieve its objectives through the joint action of its professional team and volunteers, though cooperation with other organizations, and by engaging the participation of the public in advocating and lobbying for the preservation and development of an institutional framework and conditions required for civil society activities.